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"D.N.A.- Nothing Would Ever Be The Same" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

Stand By Me. Even When I Suck #parenting #teens

I just had to tell someone and you're the only one...
 As I lay across my bed watching the movie Juno by Diablo Cody, I couldn't help but see the similarity between her situation and mine. Nooooo, it wasn't because we were both pregnant, but the fact we have the best friends in the world.

Sure it seems throughout the story Ey wrote for me, that Giante' and Nadine walked away when things got dramatic, that's the way I saw it then, but now I see that the problem was me and my attitude.
 Giante' has always been there for me. Ready to stand and protect me at the drop of a hat. Maybe one day, I'll tell him what I really feel about him.


Debney looked at him and then away. Her gaze fell on the pile of books and she averted her eyes. Watching her reaction closely, Gianté followed the path of her gaze.

"Is this why you’re trying to avoid me?" He held up a book titled So, You’re a Teen and Pregnant. I guess there’s no need to ask what your problem is. I thought you promised you wouldn’t hide from me or blame me for anything."

"I’m not hiding or blaming you for anything. I just thought I would give you the opportunity to save face and stay away from me the way Nadine is doing." She sighed heavily. "She’s afraid of her reputation being ruined and I understand that. School starts in a couple of weeks and I know students can be brutal. I don’t want you to suffer any repercussions from anything dealing with me."

"Girl, I’m a man. Crap like that doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is the fact you’re
having my kid and you’re hanging at the edge of a pool and not living in the home your father gave you."
"I can’t live in that house. I feel like I killed everyone to get it."

Gianté stood and pulled her to her feet. "That's ridiculous."

"You, better than I, know what I wished. If I hadn’t made that wish, they would be here."

"Ridiculous. You think you’re some kind of super hero that can kill with your mind?" He threw back his head and laughed. "Have you started seeing that psychiatrist yet?"

"I’m not crazy." She attempted to hit him; he dodged, moved behind her and pushed her into the water.

"That’s good, because I don't want my kid having a psycho for a mother."

Removing things from the pockets of his shorts he jumped into the pool after her. Resurfacing quickly, he wiped the excess droplets of water from his face and watched Debney swim to the deepest end of the pool and tread water.

"How do you know the baby is yours?"

"I just know."

"Don’t have so much faith in me, Gianté. I’m so disgusted with myself. What the hell was I thinking? I didn’t remember what I had done at the party until a couple of idiots in the grocery store broadcast it to the entire population standing in the line. I was so embarrassed I could have died. Instead I pulled out my best Nicole voice and tore them up."

"You probably would have made your mother proud."

"Probably would have. She was such a bitch." The lightheartedness of the moment disappeared and she climbed out of the pool. "I’m tired. Go home, Gianté, I’ll talk to you later."

"You’re not running away from me, Debney." He hurriedly followed her out of the pool and pulled her towards a deck chair. "Sit down. If we don't talk now we won't have another chance. Once school starts life will be hectic. This is your senior year. I want us to leave school with a bang." He squatted down next to her chair and gathered his belongings. "Do you honestly believe you will be able to go through this pregnancy alone, Debney?"

"I plan to go as far as invisibility and ignorance allows me. I'm going to take advantage of the fact people tend to ignore me and I’ll wear huge non-revealing clothing. It will be months before anyone knows. That is, as long as you don’t open your mouth and tell the world, no one will know."

"I will and trying to keep my mouth shut may be a problem. I have nothing to be ashamed of."

"Then you’re a damned fool, Gianté. I can't go back to being the studious good girl I used to be. My best girlfriend is shunning me and the only guy I've considered a friend has lost his mind and wants to give up his future for a child that may not be his."

"Debney, I can’t think like that. I know things happened that night which you are ashamed of. The time we spent together is not a part of that and that’s what I choose to remember. We made arrangements and a promise to always be there for one another. I don’t plan on leaving your side unless you demand me to."

"Right, listen, I'll just tell you the plans I do have. No discussion or input from you. For the next few months or as long as possible, I'm keeping this pregnancy a secret. I will go to my midwife for appointments. Yes, I'm having the baby at home. I’m going to live in the guest house, have a baby, hire a nanny, use my scholarship to college and love my life and child. That’s it and all. No ifs, ands, or buts and no variations to my plans."

"And I have no say-so?"

"And no, you or whoever thinks they may be the father has no say-so."

"Are you angry with me, Debney? What did I do wrong?"

"Yeah, I’m angry with you, but I’m not angry at you about the child, I’m angry because you abandoned me the night of my party. I came downstairs to talk to the police and you were nowhere to be seen. I lost my mind that night and you were nowhere around to protect me. What happened to you?"

"I had to go see what my mom wanted. She saw the police car and she called. I came back as soon as I was able get away from her. I did the best I could to protect you. Got in a fight, put you to bed and kicked everybody out."

"Not soon enough though."

"No, I wasn’t soon enough. I'm so sorry about that. I will do anything for you. Do you think I would have been able to fulfill that promise we made to each other if I didn’t care for you? And I mean care for you in a deeper capacity than the feelings I have for Nadine. I was so happy when it was you who asked for us to be together and not Nadine. She’s like my sister. You….you’re like the dream I have always wanted."

Debney looked at the sincerity in Gianté's eyes. She’d always loved his slant eyes, olive skin and beautiful features. As a kid, he had been the only Asian child in the neighborhood, adopted by his Italian family at age six and planted in the middle of the multiracial cul de sac. Nadine's parents were African-American and Mexican, while her own father had been of Indian descent and her mom was Caucasian. Tracing the curls on his forehead with the tips of her fingers, she looked deeply into his eyes.

   "Why do you figure your mom has never liked me, Gianté? I know she saw I never treated you badly. I was never rude or anything to her, but I always feel as if she’s watching me and judging me to be worthless."

   "It's not that she doesn’t like you, she just never liked your mom. You know how Italian mothers are; their sons mean everything to them."

"Who did like my mom? I used to do my best to cover up for her and smooth the ruffled feathers she caused with her outspoken cutting tongue."

"Your mom was just one of those kinds of people with issues. She just knew how to rub people up the wrong way. My mom called her manipulative and vindictive."

"Well, she wasn’t lying. I don’t know how I always ended up on vacation with you guys."

"Me neither. At first I was angry because I had to vacation with two little girls, but I was glad you were there because you kept Jayda outta my hair. And then you got really pretty and I was glad you were there because you were a girl. And now because you are no longer a ‘girl’--" He held up the pregnancy book he’d glanced at earlier. "Things will never be the same."

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    deep love

    In the spirit of Juno by Diablo Cody-

    D.N.A. is the story of a teen surviving through the

    questionable death of her highly dysfunctional family,

    bullying from peers,and an unplanned pregnancy.

    D.N.A. pulls no punches at being

    an NA drama filled with

    angst, heartbreak, suspense and deep


    My Life on the Brink

    D.N.A. is a truly poignant story that will have you shedding a tear and cheering for joy. DJ Weaver | 2 reviewers made a similar statement
    This book is intended for Young Adults but it is a great read for anyone. Debra Johnson | 3 reviewers made a similar statement
    Full of extraordinary events, DNA will keep you turning pages until the very end. Carolyn Chambers Clark | 2 reviewers made a similar statement

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    a review from ARC

    In the wake of adversity Debney is put through the wringer, something that at her age should never happen.

    But in this case it did and author Ey Wade did an excellent job with the plot and the emotional aspect.

    I mentioned a dysfunctional family earlier, but the nice thing about this story is you don't realize the severity until the story unfolds. From every corner of her life Debney is challenged, and to see how she handles it...well you need to pick up this novel and if you know a teenager, place one in their hands for required reading.

    Ms. Wade rolls out this story beautifully with impeccable timing. I was so engrossed and totally shocked at Debney's mother...the real reason I believe this book is called D.N.A.
    A highly recommended read!


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