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Dear Journal: I just had to tell someone and you're the only one... Take a look at this, my author Ey Wade has made it possible to buy my story directly from her!! I'm so excited because as an author/entrepreneur, it means she will get 90% of the profit. Of course, if you prefer you could also buy from the traditional places.

"D.N.A.- Nothing Would Ever Be The Same" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

I Just Need a Reason to Go On . An Excerpt from Debney's Journal #Na #amreading

I just had to write this...

I decided I would call over my best friend. Sometimes only the ones who have stuck with you, can get you through the dramas of life. And then they must be rewarded.

I've been a jerk for the past few months, I know this. Things are looking better and I have to give credit to those who deserve it.

                                    IX. And Life Gets Better

Debney rolled over in the bed until she was on her side facing the door. She really needed to pee and the bathroom was clean across the room. Pushing the ivory and pink laced comforter away from her body she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood. At least now when she hurried across the space from the bedroom to the bathroom she wouldn't have to maneuver around oddly placed pieces of furniture. Her mother’s favorite pieces were gone and replaced by a new set up. The walls repainted and new pictures hung on the wall. She did her best to erase all memories of her parents from the room. Everything from the wall coloring, carpets and furniture had been changed. The room was now her own. 

Nothing was as it had been. From the bathroom she could see in the closet and into the newly renovated nursery. It was now totally official; she was going to have a baby. Standing in the nursery she smoothed the blanket in the crib.
It was ridiculous how ‘right’ being pregnant felt. Sure it was the last position a teen should find be in, but it seemed as if she had been thrown a lifeline, something to live for and the exact thing she needed at this time in her life. Mrs. Cook had often told her God didn’t make mistakes and everything would work out for the best. She was resting the remainder of her sanity on that statement.
"We did a good job huh?" Nadine entered the closet and stood next to her.
"Yes. It looks like a little glass castle. I can’t believe I’m really having a baby, a real person. For months I’ve felt it moving, punching and kicking me, but when I walked in just now it really clicked that I’m going to be a mother. In a few days I will be holding the life of another human being in my hands." She looked at the small item of clothing Nadine held in her hands. "I’m afraid. I’m afraid I may turn into the conniving vindictive person my mother was. How in the world am I going to teach this child to love others when my own mother couldn’t love me?"
"Debney, first of all stop comparing yourself to Nichole Armstrong. You are nothing like her. From day one when your mother realized she was pregnant she wanted to get rid of you. You on the other hand, found out you were pregnant and you decided to have a baby. You hired a midwife and changed your eating habits. When Nicole wanted a nursery for her children she cleared a room on a different floor, and hired a decorator.  You grabbed some paint and a couple of friends and spent an entire weekend renovating a closet so the baby can sleep in the same room. When that woman had here babies she threw them into the arms of nannies and au pairs. You will more than likely drag the little snot dripper with us wherever we go. So you are nothing like Nicole you are going to be a mother and she was a woman who had a couple of babies."
"Dang Deenie," Debney blinked, crying without noticing she quickly wiped the tear that fell from her lashes. Her friend’s words encouraged her more than anything she’ heard in months. "Aren't you damned inspirational early in the morning? I just may have to keep you around as an ego booster."
"Funny." she replaced the infant shirt with the rest of the layette and walked around fingering other items in the room. "Another way you’re different from Nicole is the way you leave Giante’ out. Nicole ran to use men and you are running away from the only guy willing to take responsibility for the baby. Didn’t you see how much he wants to be a part of the baby’s life? For the last couple of days he’s hauled, painted, assembled and crooned over any and everything dealing with the baby. He has helped in the search for more information on the guy with your brothers, information that’s helping your case and you continue treating him like he’s just a friend.
You guys have been stuck on each other for longer than I care to remember. When you decided you wanted to chuck your virginity he is the one you talked into it. How can you fight for custody of your brothers, have a baby and deny Giante’ the right to fight for what might be his child? You need to have DNA testing done for your baby."
"I take it back. You might drive me crazy if you're here all day. I don't want to talk about this so early in the morning. I just got up to go to the bathroom. I don't want to start the morning off with the same conversation I ended the night with. Let's start a new one. What are you doing in here anyway? Did you sleep okay? You know I was serious last night when I said you could move in. You can keep my old bedroom and we can or just you can decorate it any way you want."
"Don't tempt me." She laughed and followed Debney out of the nursery. "I thought about it last night. Wondering how to bring it up to my mom and I think I came up with a solution."
"What is it?"
 "Well," She jumped on the queen sized bed, scooted to the head, and wiggled under the blankets. "Get in. I’ll talk to you until I fall back to sleep. Three in the morning is not my shining hour."
"I know what you mean." Debney moving a little slower climbed in and covered up. She sighed tiredly as she snuggled into the pillows. “The baby is always awake at this time. If I lay really still, after about thirty minutes of vigorous kicking, he usually goes back to sleep."
"It’s a boy for sure?"
"Yes. I think I'm going to name him after my brothers."
"That would be great if you needed a memorial. Give the kid his own name. Everybody deserves something of their own which is part of the solution I came up with to tell my mom about moving in here with you. Other than me being older and needing my own space I'm going to bring up the need for more space for my three younger brothers. They share a room and fight all of the time. My argument will be to give the elder of the three his own room and that would have to be my room. I'm going to tell her you need me over here since you'll have a baby and your brothers. I’m sure they’ll come back. I’ll play up the fact you shouldn’t be raising them alone. If push comes to shove and she's not buying it I’ll fall on the eighteen and grown line. Then we'll have the typical teenage/mom daughter clich├ęd argument and I’ll storm out and over here, simple as that."
Debney chuckled, turned to her side to face her friend. Taking in the seriousness on the other’s face she burst out in a loud laugh.
"Funny how brave you sound and what are you gonna do when she runs after you with her broom? You know she will. She always does."
Nadine started laughing too.
"Oh my god," she chuckled. "I forgot about that. I'd have to run faster than hell. She just chased L'il Gregory the other day. His eyes were big as basketballs when she caught him before he could get out of the yard. I bet he won't back talk her again. Silly boy tried to tell her he would go play hoops with his friends whenever he felt like it." She chortled at the remembered scene. "Only way he’s gonna play with that ball is if he uses a spatula. She’d flattened it by rolling over it with her car."
They both gaffed and rolled with laughter sharing other memorable events when dealing with Mrs. Cook until tears ran down their faces.
"Stop Nadine you’re gonna make me have to go pee again. Your mom is so funny. I’ve always loved her. She's the kind of mom I always wanted someone who would hurt me if I'm wrong and then turn around and kill anyone who wronged me and I got stuck with someone who would kill to get rid of me. Don't disrespect your mom. I was really sorry about that trip to Italy because we scared your mom. We should have just told her the plan. I don't want to do that to her again. I think if I wasn't going through issues with my parents’ death she would have beaten me too. The fear and sadness and the mistrust in her eyes I can never forget.
When she came and talked to me she cried about how worried she had been. Not just for you but for all of us. I was so ashamed. My entire life had been about keeping Debney happy. I’d had no other adult show me their true feelings like that. I can’t hurt her again. We’ll talk to her together."
"We could do it today." Nadine sat up excitedly. "We're going to shop for a dress for graduation. You can come with us."
"No. First of all this guy will get in the way and I will get in the way of a mother daughter experience. I'll be fine. Besides, I have my speech to work on. Not that anyone will probably be listening to me anyway."
"If they don't it's because they're idiots. Which is why you're the valedictorian and they aren't. Anyway," Nadine turned over to her stomach bunched her robe and pillow under her head and closed her eyes. "I’m not taking no for an answer. You’re coming with us. I’m sure you already have your speech together. You can’t keep doing everything on your own." She yawned. "You have no choice so back to sleep."
"Fine, hey I wonder if I can talk her into driving my car."
"You probably won’t have a problem enticing her. She’s been drooling over it ever since you got it. You should hear her when you fly pass the house. She sighs like she’s love sick."
"Really, she thinks it would have been prettier in red though. Deb, why don’t you turn over and go to sleep?"
"What time are you meeting her?"
"Around 2."
"Good." Debney closed her eyes. "We’ll take a run before we meet her."
At two o’clock Debney and Nadine sat outside the front door of Nadine’s house grinning like Cheshire cats and honking the horn of the shiny red Mercedes Benz and as expected Mrs. Cook came out of the house ready to explode.
"Stop honking that horn at me. I know you didn’t expect to make me...." She stopped short. Mouth opened in surprise. "Nadine whose car are you driving? Get from behind that wheel."
"Surprise." Both girls shouted in their excitement.
"Debney bought this for you as mother of the year."
"And comforter of a life time, this is your gift." Debney from her position in the back seat laughed and beat on the headrest in a drum roll. “You can’t say no. Giving you this car as a gift will make me very happy. Didn’t you say you want to see me happy? Besides I believe every good mom deserves a sexy red sports car.”
Overcome with joy Mrs. Cook could only nod and shoo Nadine out of the driver’s seat. The lust for the new car outweighing her sanity.
Later that evening, after leaving Nadine and her mom spending the remainder  of their evening with their family Debney, tired and happier than she had ever been in her life,  slowly entered her newly decorated bedroom, threw the dress bag she was carrying on the settee' at the foot of the bed and carefully laid down.


deep love

In the spirit of Juno by Diablo Cody-

D.N.A. is the story of a teen surviving through the

questionable death of her highly dysfunctional family,

bullying from peers,and an unplanned pregnancy.

D.N.A. pulls no punches at being

an NA drama filled with

angst, heartbreak, suspense and deep


My Life on the Brink

D.N.A. is a truly poignant story that will have you shedding a tear and cheering for joy. DJ Weaver | 2 reviewers made a similar statement
This book is intended for Young Adults but it is a great read for anyone. Debra Johnson | 3 reviewers made a similar statement
Full of extraordinary events, DNA will keep you turning pages until the very end. Carolyn Chambers Clark | 2 reviewers made a similar statement

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a review from ARC

In the wake of adversity Debney is put through the wringer, something that at her age should never happen.

But in this case it did and author Ey Wade did an excellent job with the plot and the emotional aspect.

I mentioned a dysfunctional family earlier, but the nice thing about this story is you don't realize the severity until the story unfolds. From every corner of her life Debney is challenged, and to see how she handles it...well you need to pick up this novel and if you know a teenager, place one in their hands for required reading.

Ms. Wade rolls out this story beautifully with impeccable timing. I was so engrossed and totally shocked at Debney's mother...the real reason I believe this book is called D.N.A.
A highly recommended read!


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