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Dear Journal: I just had to tell someone and you're the only one... Take a look at this, my author Ey Wade has made it possible to buy my story directly from her!! I'm so excited because as an author/entrepreneur, it means she will get 90% of the profit. Of course, if you prefer you could also buy from the traditional places.

"D.N.A.- Nothing Would Ever Be The Same" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

Constantly Consistent~D.N.A.-Nothing Would Ever Be The Same #NA #readers

I had to write this:

It's been a while since I've been able to face the idea of plopping my thoughts to paper. I'm having a hard time sorting through everything going through my mind and with Giante' constantly calling or banging on the door, thinking I'm letting him in --the confusion never ends.
Sometimes I sit on the window seat in my dad's office and peek out the window to watch Giante' as he does,  whatever in the front yard of his parents' home. Of course I only do this because I know he can't see me. The other side of my mind, wishes he could.


Debney ran into the guest house and grabbed the keys to the main house. Without pausing she rushed back and down the marble patio walkway to the main house, sliding on wet feet across the tiles and slamming into the glass door.
"Are you okay, Deb?" Gianté pulled her around to face him, scouring her face for any signs of injury.
"Yes, nothing new."
"Well you need to start being careful."
She looked at her shoulder where his hand rested.
"You know that's going to get old pretty fast, Gianté. I don't need you hovering over me. I'm not a fool."
She shrugged him off and opened the door. Walking in she tossed the keys on the small table near the entrance and turned to face him.
"Let's get something straight right now. I'm the one that's pregnant. Anything and everything I do will be my choice and my consequence. As far as I'm concerned I'm the parent, the one and only. The deal was no strings. I stand by that. You're my friend." She cupped his cheek gently before giving it a small pat and turning away. "You should just concentrate on finishing high school."
Gianté took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
"Fine, you do whatever you want with ‘your pregnancy’. When it’s a baby then it will be a different story. If it comes out with my eyes, I'm steppin’ in. For now, let's look in those suitcases."
"Sometimes you can be a real pain."
Gianté laughed and followed her into the hallway to the foyer where she pulled her parents’ suitcases from the hall closet.


deep love

In the spirit of Juno by Diablo Cody-

D.N.A. is the story of a teen surviving through the

questionable death of her highly dysfunctional family,

bullying from peers,and an unplanned pregnancy.

D.N.A. pulls no punches at being

an NA drama filled with

angst, heartbreak, suspense and deep


My Life on the Brink

D.N.A. is a truly poignant story that will have you shedding a tear and cheering for joy. DJ Weaver | 2 reviewers made a similar statement
This book is intended for Young Adults but it is a great read for anyone. Debra Johnson | 3 reviewers made a similar statement
Full of extraordinary events, DNA will keep you turning pages until the very end. Carolyn Chambers Clark | 2 reviewers made a similar statement

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a review from ARC

In the wake of adversity Debney is put through the wringer, something that at her age should never happen.

But in this case it did and author Ey Wade did an excellent job with the plot and the emotional aspect.

I mentioned a dysfunctional family earlier, but the nice thing about this story is you don't realize the severity until the story unfolds. From every corner of her life Debney is challenged, and to see how she handles it...well you need to pick up this novel and if you know a teenager, place one in their hands for required reading.

Ms. Wade rolls out this story beautifully with impeccable timing. I was so engrossed and totally shocked at Debney's mother...the real reason I believe this book is called D.N.A.
A highly recommended read!


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