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"D.N.A.- Nothing Would Ever Be The Same" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

Don't Go Tellin' Me No Bad News

Sometimes the sound of the D.A.'s voice plays over and over in my head like an unrelenting rain storm. The pounding words, like rain on tin, hitting and resounding on my nerves. As my days grow closer to the birth of the child, I seem to miss the presence of my family more. I know there is no possibility of their return, I just wish I didn't have to relive the night all of our lives were changed forever.

Coroner Starr placed his hand on Debney’s elbow and helped her down the remainder of the steps. Knowing for sure he could probably feel her body shaking uncontrollably Debney shook off his hold nodding and pointing to the door hiding her father’s office.
The ability to utter a word deserting her with every step she took. She looked over her shoulder and tried to catch a glimpse of Giante’ but he was nowhere to be seen.
The walk to her father’s office, though only a few steps from the front door felt like a mile. The small amount of oxygen she was able to suck into her lungs wasn’t reaching her brain and she felt like she was about to faint.  She knew in her heart this was a death walk and she dreaded the conclusion.
When she opened the office door and stepped into the room, the lingering aroma of her father’s cologne wafted into her nostrils, touched all points of her emotions and made her want to cry. This was the wrong room to come for bad news, she admonished herself and rethought her decision. It probably would have been better if she would have gone across the hall to her mother’s office. There she knew she would have felt the loss less. Death’s arrow would more than likely have lost its sting if it were shot in there. But in here, where her father would spend most of his home based hours, she knew the memories of happy times shared with him wouldn’t allow her to cloak her emotions in ice and she was afraid she would crack and not be able to be repaired.
 As the door to the office clicked shut behind them Debney instantly felt a claustrophobic urge to get out. Why the hell had she chosen this room to receive bad news? The knowledge she was about to be told something that would change her life forever was an undeniable truth. It was evident in fidgeting movements and the reluctance of the two men to look her straight in the eyes. Easy to see they expected the news to devastate her and neither wanted to be the first to speak. She didn’t want to be devastated nor pitied. Whatever they were about to say she already knew she had brought upon herself. The demise of her family had been the wish she’d uttered on waking that morning and miserably remembering that she was alone on her birthday. She had angrily watched herself brushing her teeth in the mirror of her parent’s bathroom and as she spit and rinsed she'd made a birthday wish.
Debney moved across the room to the large desk. Shuffling and straightening papers she tinkered with her father’s small strictly positioned items.  Falling back into her habit of talking to herself when nervous she began muttering aloud.
"Out of all the wasted wishes I have made in life why would today be the day I figured out the combination to make wishes come true?"
She looked across the room at the two silent men, their discomfort becoming more and more pathetic.
“I hope you guys aren’t going to tell me anything that’s going to ruin my birthday.”
“Damn, today’s your birthday?" Det. Granger rocked on his heels. "How old are you?”
“Eighteen. Old enough to handle whatever you have to tell me. Let’s get it over with.”
“You have any family living nearby? Adult friends or anyone you can call to be with you?”
Debney searched their faces.
“Listen, just tell me. I can handle anything. Better yet I’ll tell you. Something has happened to my parents. Since you brought the coroner here with you that can only mean they must be dead. What about my little brothers?” The regret in their eye answered her question for them. “Don’t bother. I can tell by your faces they’re gone too.” She rubbed her palms across her face, surprised to feel tears running down her cheeks. “I think I don’t want to know what happened to them. I don’t want to hear your voice tell me because I don’t want to hear your voice forever in my every thought or my dreams." She sucked in a deep breath. "Let’s just say you told me and you can leave.”
Detective Granger reached for Debney.
"Sit down Ms. Armstrong you look as if you're going to pass out."
"No seriously I'm fine. I can handle this. I'm used to being alone. Can't you tell? I'm here celebrating my eighteenth birthday with a bunch of strangers instead of being with my family and laying dead in Europe."
"Ms. Armstrong please, why don’t you take a seat?  I can go across the street and get the mother from the house where the boy from upstairs ran."
"God no don’t go get her. She hates me." Debney crossed the room to grab the detective before he walked out of the door. “I promise I’ll be okay. If I have any problems I’ll call my dad's lawyer. What happened to my friend? Did you tell him something? Why did he leave?"
"I think his mom was calling him. Guess she saw the police car pull up. Are you sure you’re okay? You're taking this better than many adults I’ve contacted."
"No sir. I'm not okay. Something is scratching so relentlessly from the inside my flesh feels like its crawling and I have the deepest urge to scream. I have no idea what I should be thinking cuz my mind is a blank. What am I going to do without my family?
 I'll miss my dad and my little brothers. Two nights ago, the night before they left, we had an awesome late night drive in my new car. It was a birthday gift from my Dad. We had such a great time and now things have changed so fast? I can't believe this is real. What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to know how to handle things? How will my family get home?"
"I’m going to leave this for you.” The coroner pulled an envelope from the clasp of the clipboard he’d been holding behind his back. “Everything is in this envelope. Arrangements to have their bodies picked up from the airport have already been taken care of, who to call…"
"Stop please I'm begging you. Don't talk anymore. Your voices will be forever embedded in my memory."
"I’m sorry. I know this is hard, but I have to tell you. All indications show your parents were driving to their rented apartment in Tuscany….”
“Tuscany?"Debney questioned in shocked despair. "That’s where they were? My Mom never said that’s where they were going. She knew I dreamed of visiting Italy all of my life. I should have known.” Debney angrily wiped the tear that was threatening to fall. The disappointment she felt in her mom’s disloyalty overruling the sadness at her demise. “She always did things like that just to have something to throw in my face. She enjoyed doing anything to make me miserable." The hard puff of air blown from her nose could be heard throughout the room. She closed her eyes in despair.
The detective studied Debney’s face. The child was doing her best to be calm and mature, but it was obvious her tenuous control of her emotions would not hold very much longer. She definitely needed the comfort of an adult.
“Do you have any relatives we can call to be here with you?"
“No. I’ll be fine. As I said before this is not the first time I have been left in charge of my own life.”
“But this is the first time you've been left alone to face something so dramatic."
"True. I think I would rather be alone."
"You and your parents didn’t get along? “
“Parents….no, I wouldn’t say that, but my Dad, yes. Doesn’t make a difference now, right? Seems as if you're determined to stay here until you get everything off your chest, so just tell me what happened to my family?”
“It isn’t that we’re dying to tell you something gory, but you’ll wish you knew when sometime in the future. After the shock wears off the knowledge will help to give you a sense of closure.”
“I guess you would know.” Debney sighed and rubbed her hand across her brow. “Go on, then.”
“It seems as if your mom was thrown from the car before it fell over a mountain and burst into flames. They were unable to find your little brothers. ”
“Oh my God, Are you saying they were so badly burned the bodies couldn’t be found?” Debney clasped the detective’s hand again. This time she held on to keep from falling over.  "They're such small boys. Do you think they suffered? Maybe they died on impact. That's what I have to believe because I don't think I can survive with any other thought."
“No, what I’m saying is there hasn’t been a sign of their bodies found. If it weren’t for the workers in the house we wouldn’t have known children were living with them. We aren’t sure if they were in the car, the car was burned so badly it was almost unrecognizable and if they weren’t it isn’t sure where they could be. The hills are being searched as we speak.”
“What are you saying?” Debney looked in confusion from one to the other.  “Do you think they may be alive?”
“I’m not officially saying that. Being a parent I would lean towards the hope for life.”
“I’ve done nothing but hope for the best all of my life. And I’ve been disappointed forever. How long do you think it will be before I hear anything?”
“You’ll have to take things one day at a time. That’s all I can say. In the meantime follow the instructions in the envelope and find support from someone other than the kids in the other room. We’ll leave now.” Coroner Parker stuffed his hands in his pocket and moved towards the door.
“Before we go," Detective Granger paused in his stride. "Do you have recent pictures of your brothers? And since you mentioned something about your father’s lawyer, can you give me his number and I’ll have someone contact him. And while you're getting the picture I’m going to leave you the number to a grief counselor."
Debney hurried across the room and flipped through the rolodex on her dad’s desk. She felt like a thief, a grave robber. Even in the best of times she never touched anything on her father’s desk and yet here she was creating chaos in his sanctuary. She pulled the photos from their frames and the lawyer’s number from the rolodex and handed them to the detective.
"Oh, your brothers are blonde?"
Debney looked at the picture sadly. The identical boys had been as light as she was dark, their nature and curly hair totally on the opposite pole than herself. At first glance there were no signs of resemblance between the siblings. That was until they smiled. Each sported a teardrop shaped dimple in their right cheek, a gift from their mom.
"And to tell the truth about it I don’t feel like I have the right to have any grief. My heart is filled with guilt. I brought this on myself. I killed my family just as easily as making a heartless wish. "
"You can’t make a wish Debney and believe it will come true. Life just doesn’t work like that."
“How do you know Detective Granger? How can you be so sure? How do you know the wish gods don’t grant your wish if you wish hard enough on your birthday? Or because you make the same wish every night when you climb into the bed in your parents’ room? Or every morning when you walk through an empty house because your selfish mother axed you out of a family trip for the umpteenth time? How can you be so sure a wish won't come true?"
"I can’t be sure. Far be it for me to destroy your beliefs. I would just hate for you to believe you are the cause of such a horrid accident. I can only tell you how sorry I am to have to bring you such bad news, especially when it’s your birthday."
"I’ll be okay." Debney opened the office door. "I don’t want to be rude but I have guests." She walked out and they followed. When they neared the front door she pulled it open without uttering another word.
"Ms. Armstrong,” The coroner turned back before stepping off the porch. “One word of advice, keep the boys downstairs and no drinking. The combination of both things will only cause you to regret your actions."
"Thanks for coming."
Knowing it was an idiotic response but unable to think of anything else to say Debney shut the door.

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deep love

In the spirit of Juno by Diablo Cody-

D.N.A. is the story of a teen surviving through the

questionable death of her highly dysfunctional family,

bullying from peers,and an unplanned pregnancy.

D.N.A. pulls no punches at being

an NA drama filled with

angst, heartbreak, suspense and deep


My Life on the Brink

D.N.A. is a truly poignant story that will have you shedding a tear and cheering for joy. DJ Weaver | 2 reviewers made a similar statement
This book is intended for Young Adults but it is a great read for anyone. Debra Johnson | 3 reviewers made a similar statement
Full of extraordinary events, DNA will keep you turning pages until the very end. Carolyn Chambers Clark | 2 reviewers made a similar statement

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a review from ARC

In the wake of adversity Debney is put through the wringer, something that at her age should never happen.

But in this case it did and author Ey Wade did an excellent job with the plot and the emotional aspect.

I mentioned a dysfunctional family earlier, but the nice thing about this story is you don't realize the severity until the story unfolds. From every corner of her life Debney is challenged, and to see how she handles it...well you need to pick up this novel and if you know a teenager, place one in their hands for required reading.

Ms. Wade rolls out this story beautifully with impeccable timing. I was so engrossed and totally shocked at Debney's mother...the real reason I believe this book is called D.N.A.
A highly recommended read!


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