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Dear Journal: I just had to tell someone and you're the only one... Take a look at this, my author Ey Wade has made it possible to buy my story directly from her!! I'm so excited because as an author/entrepreneur, it means she will get 90% of the profit. Of course, if you prefer you could also buy from the traditional places.

"D.N.A.- Nothing Would Ever Be The Same" by Ey Wade on Ganxy

At the End of that Dang Finger #Entry 8(Deb's Journal

My day was just too horrible to talk about. Everywhere I looked and walked I ran into an accusing finger. It's bad enough I had to go through the classes with an enormous case of morning sickness I had to try and contain and a pregnancy to keep hidden.

As I walked out of the door and into the hallway I was immediately accosted with high pitched wolf whistles and vulgar catcalls from the male students roaming the hallway. School  had been in session for no more than an hour and a half, and I'd already been jeered in the parking lot, called names from just about everyone as she sat in her first period class, elbowed on the stairs and cursed out as she stood in front of her locker.
It was obvious everyone had heard about what had happened during the summer at my birthday party, and sides had been chosen. I was now the school slut, and all of the chairs in my corner would remain empty.I saw Nadine twice that morning, and her blatant avoidance spoke for itself. The simple fact my best friend from childhood wasn’t associating with me, jarred the space continuum and the school’s atmosphere changed. Where we once stood together against all foes, I would from then on have to tread and fight single -handedly. And then I ran into the girl's bathroom. 

If Fabiola and her idiot friends only knew what I wanted to do to them, they wouldn't try attacking me at every meeting.

"So Debbie, I hear you had a busy summer with the birthday party and then being arrested." Fabeola snickered at Debney’s reflection in the school's restroom mirror. She elbowed the girl standing next to her and they both laughed out loud.
"Yeah, I heard all the guys are saying they had a great time playing 'poke the birthday girl'." Fabeola’s companion paused in the act of putting on mascara and pointed the tip of the brush in Debney’s direction and used it to mimic a poking action. "I bet your family must be really happy to not have been there."

Debney looked from one girl to the other. As a kindergartener she had learned to dislike them and the feeling had grown deeper with each passing year. She hated the fact the school system with its attend the schools in your neighborhood policy, made it easy for any enemy to follow you from grade to grade, school to school. A bullied child would live a life of torture if they remained in the same school district. These girls had made her and the life of any new kid in class a daily battle. If murder had been an option, they would have been her practice subjects.
"Don't make a mistake and think I won't whip your butt if you say anything about my family, Fabeola. And just to make it clear to you--" Debney stepped between both girls and elbowed herself a larger space in front of the mirror. "I'm talking about both of you. Say what you want about me, but one word about either of them....and you die."
Fabeola pointed the tube of lip gloss she was holding towards Debney's reflection.
"Same old Debbie, it’s only the first day back at school and already threatening people. You must get that kinda talk from that terrorist you called a father. He probably killed himself and the rest of your family in a suicide mission."
Before Debney could even think of a rebuttal she had already pulled her arm back in preparation of punching Fabeola in the face, the act forestalled by the arms that grabbed her from behind. In the ensuing struggle, she elbowed the shorter girl off her back and pushed her to the wall where she stayed ,nursing a bleeding nose. The two of them had been through a couple of altercations before and Debney had never come out the loser.
"See, that's the kind of thing I'm talkin' about." Fabeola, who had never moved ,turned back to the mirror and applied more gloss to her over packed lips. "You and your kind are always ready to fight. You gotta learn to pick your battles and your team. You think I would fight you with Tiny there as my help? Girl…please."
Debney looked towards the girl on the floor. Tiny was struggling to get up without letting any blood from her nose drip onto her shirt.
"No, I don’t think you would fight. Why should you when you have weaklings running behind you, ready to take a punch for you. Are you seriously going to bring my father's race into this conversation, Fab? You gonna stand there and degrade him? He was a sworn American and damned proud of it."
"Doesn't make him any less than what he was before he spouted a few memorized words. I call it as I see it. I have never liked you, Debney. From the very first day we met. You with your perfectly expensive clothes, your perfect princess attitude, your perfect grades...."
"Or the fact I had real friends and not peons who followed me around because they were afraid of me. You can think my dad was a terrorist because of his ethnicity, but believe me, it’s you blond-headed, natural-born Americans who act more like vagabond Nazis, thinking  you own and run everything."
Fabeola laughed.
"Right, so where's your little shadow now? Heard she won't play with you anymore. Heard you're all alone and even Gianté won't come out to play. Poof." Fabeola held her fist out and flicked her fingers in Debney's face. "The perfect life is gone and the fairy tale is over." She laughed again.
Doing her best to school her features and not take Fabeola's words to heart, Debney moved a step closer.
"I'm just gonna warn you one more time, say whatever you want about me, but if I hear any of that crap about my father again, you're done for. And that goes for all of the asses who chase you around."
"Well, let me make sure you know this, I can make threats too." Fabeola slammed the tube of gloss on the cabinet. "The only reason I haven't gone to your house to kick the hell out of you is because I promised Roody I wouldn’t. I'm gonna let what happened at your party pass this time. I’ll call it my birthday gift, but if I catch you around him....I'll stump you right where you stand."
Debney grunted, smoothed her hair and walked across the room to the door.
"I wish you would try. I’ve been waiting to get you alone since the eighth grade when you and your little chicken-head friends jumped Nadine. But then ,you never stand alone, do you?"
"Jealous cuz I still have friends? Like I said, you’re the same old Debbie Armstrong. Jealousy of what others have will get you hurt. So stay away from mine."
"If you’re insinuating I want that piece of junk you call a man, girl, no one wants that fool but you. I had to be drunk out of my mind to get near him before. He was the lucky one then. Must have been the only night he was with a good woman. So ease your little mind and let him know there’s not a chance in hell he'll ever get another. And don’t fool yourself and think I’m the same old Debney, because I’m not. I will hurt you." available for purchase and download on Kindle, Smashwords , Sony or Kobo, Nook KundleUK and iTunes. and ready for (whatever model) your eReader to eat them up. Also available in print through InknBeans 


Georgina said...

Really compelling book! You gotta read it!

Ey Wade said...

Thank you

Ey Wade said...

Thank you

deep love

In the spirit of Juno by Diablo Cody-

D.N.A. is the story of a teen surviving through the

questionable death of her highly dysfunctional family,

bullying from peers,and an unplanned pregnancy.

D.N.A. pulls no punches at being

an NA drama filled with

angst, heartbreak, suspense and deep


My Life on the Brink

D.N.A. is a truly poignant story that will have you shedding a tear and cheering for joy. DJ Weaver | 2 reviewers made a similar statement
This book is intended for Young Adults but it is a great read for anyone. Debra Johnson | 3 reviewers made a similar statement
Full of extraordinary events, DNA will keep you turning pages until the very end. Carolyn Chambers Clark | 2 reviewers made a similar statement

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a review from ARC

In the wake of adversity Debney is put through the wringer, something that at her age should never happen.

But in this case it did and author Ey Wade did an excellent job with the plot and the emotional aspect.

I mentioned a dysfunctional family earlier, but the nice thing about this story is you don't realize the severity until the story unfolds. From every corner of her life Debney is challenged, and to see how she handles it...well you need to pick up this novel and if you know a teenager, place one in their hands for required reading.

Ms. Wade rolls out this story beautifully with impeccable timing. I was so engrossed and totally shocked at Debney's mother...the real reason I believe this book is called D.N.A.
A highly recommended read!


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